MX vs. ATV Reflex = :)

I thought I would hate it…  turns out – I love it!

In my opinion… this is the best MX game I’ve ever played.
I also think Reflex has the best graphics of any game of this type to date.
The game looks fantastic on my PC/TV at 1920×1080 too.

This game has a new “live track” terrain deformation system that develops ruts and and berms based on the riders.  It makes the tracks even more fun and difficult to ride as the riders dig in their lines and grooves form deeper and deeper lap after lap.

I’m totally digging the new independent rider controls that separate the rider and bike physics too, but it still has the gyro weirdness of older games.  That said, it is still the most fun I’ve ever had with a MX game and you can really begin to feel the track and really ride it…

The best thing is – racing online works great!

The racing is very fast and surprisingly good too – even through the first turn.  Almost everyone racing online knows how to hold a line or at least tries their best.  There are always a few 1st turn noobs, but they get with the program pretty quick and realize how important the 1st turn is for everyone to get through… and then you can pick off the slower guys after that.  Great racing

I’ve been in a lot of races with a full gate.  I’ve only seen a few intentional crashers, but I have also battled  through turn after turn after turn with the same 4-5 guys trading places every turn as we’re hammering through whoops and berms on the inside and outside lines, side by side all the way, lap after lap with very few stutters or hiccups and it all seemed way faster than this paragraph!

Finally, the only thing I really hate are the menu’s and the dis-jointed “progression” to unlock tracks – forcing you to use the other vehicles like the Trucks, Buggies and stuff…

Personally, I wish they just made a separate MX + SX  only game and a separate ATV + Dirt Buggy + Truck + Golf Cart games so the tracks and gameplay pathways aren’t so compromised…

But I’m still pretty darn happy with what we got – SO FAR!  😉

Check back for more soon!