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12/24/2010 – update


This MOTO controller is 99% finished for games that use Xbox 360 controllers.
– development is ongoing, but my buddy ran out of production space!

I am just another video game racing & moto-game racing junkie…
– I am still AMA_King or  talk2troy on STEAM & most websites since 1990(?)

I know this guy in person & we can make & ship 10 units @ $550 each.
– Buy it now!

We only need 10 pre-orders to buy bulk parts for 10 units to proceed.
– we’ll also offer a special discount to GEN-1 buyers on future GEN-2 units!

We plan to ship custom units by the end of January 2011!
Pics = http://insidesimracing.tv/forums/vie…?f=108&t=1740I
Pics = http://mxsimulator.com/benchracing3/…php?f=1&t=5086
VIDEO = http://insidesimracing.tv/forums/vie…745bea30b36263

We want to refine the control system & build options (clamp-on, full frame, cockpits).
– we really need “investor testers” who will help us build a better unit & get parts.

We have a website & forum set up – HERE!
– private section for the first 100 buyers to give us feedback
– we hope you jump in and help shape the future of the product to become what you want most!

Any takers?

Contact me @ motogameracing@gmail.com

PS – This is a very solid unit that works like it is a Xbox360 controller and more.

It already supports any game that works with the X360 controller (on PC) or a Logitech G25/G27 right now.

Here are some games we already support:  GTA Series, Test Drive 1, TD2, SBK 2010, MotoGP, GP Bikes, GP500, MX Simulator, MX vs. ATV Reflex, etc.

Version 2 hardware will be a bit different (mounting options, etc.)
+ we will also support new games going forward
– new drivers, downloads and new game support added, etc.